Radio Interviews

DT4TD Releaseparty on Rockblock Radio (NLD)

Storm the Castle Releaseparty with RockBlock Radio

Dec 2020

60 minutes only DT4TD on air! Our favourite bands, our own music, interview with our lead singer and…….the release; Storm the Castle!

InterviewMeet the Band (NLD)

Interview DT4TD on Air - Radio Viva (NLD)

Oct 2020 – part of our own show on Radio Viva

Interview Rockblock Radio - 1 (NLD)

Interview Ouch, You're on my Hair (USA)

Interview Gerrit with Interview Ouch, You're on my Hair Radio Show

Dec 2020

Interview Outlaw Renegade Radio (USA)

Interview Gerrit with Michael from Outlaw Renegade Radio (USA)

Sept 2020

Interview Rockblock Radio -2 (NLD)


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